Pinot Rosé

Grown in limited quantities at Ciao Bella Winery in our West Kelowna vineyards, these grapes are hand picked and selected, creating an exceptional wine to be enjoyed by itself, or with your dinner.
Our European styled rosé is fun, refreshing and fruit forward. It awakens your palate with hints of succulent strawberries followed by the tartness of rhubarb. A truly unique vino!.  Robust enough for your favourite cheese, and smooth enough for delicate seafood, our rosé is ideal with poultry, and of course pasta! 

Not only is here is no better way to enjoy the Okanagan than sipping this delightful rosé on a sun-drenched patio but customers have dubbed this their "Turkey" wine as it pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!
Bringing a little bit of Italy to the Okanagan, from our Familglia to yours!
$19.95 + Tax + deposit

2015 Pinot Nero 

The Pinot Noir grapes come exclusively from our West Kelowna vineyard and are hand-picked and selected for optimal quality. 
This elegant medium-bodied classic vino is aged for 13 months in the finest oak, awakening your palate with hints of black cherry and rich dark chocolate, and leaving a light peppery finish!
Enjoyed best with family and friends in classic Italian style. Paired beautifully with your favourite pasta dish, grilled food or on its own with a bit of parmiggiano. 
$24.95 + Tax + deposit


2016 Pinot Grigio

Sourced from an organic vineyard in the central Okanagan, only the finest grapes are selected to create this classic Italian style Grigio.
A crisp and refreshing vino with aromas of green apple and apricot followed by a hint of honey on the palate with a beautiful Smooth finish!
Delightful with your favourite risotto, seafood or pasta...of course!
$18.95 + Tax + deposit

2017 Dolce Vino Dessert wine

Inspired by Italian dessert wines, this unique dessert wine is made from Zweigelt grapes sourced exclusively from a West Kelowna vineyard and picked and crushed at -9 degress.
If you have a sweet tooth you will truly enjoy this succulent dessert wine!
$34.95 + Tax + deposit

          Award Winning Wines!

2014 Pinot Nero ​​
         BEST Pinot Noir in BC, Okanagan Spring Wine Festival
         Silver Medal National Wine Align 
         Silver Medal All Canadian Wine Awards

2014 Pinot Rose'

         Silver Medal Fall Wine Festival 2015
         Silver Medal National Wine Align