The Fiume Family History
Our families tradition of growing grapes and winemaking started in Napoli in Southern Italy and this year marks the 61st anniversay of Nonno (Grandpa) Luigi and Nonna (Grandma) Melina's arrival in Canada. The first 30 years were spent in Yellowknife in Canada's arctic and in 1986 the family moved to West Kelowna.  

You can now find three generations of the Fiume family living and working on the family farm with Nonno Luigi and Nonna Melina often visiting the grandchildren, Antonio and Olivia while daughter in-law Sharon runs the wineshop. Ever enthusiastic about grapegrowing and this amazing vineyard site, Roberto often takes visitors into the vineyard explaining the long history of not only this site but of grapegrowing itself. 

While planting the present day plants, Roberto recalls the day when a long time Westbank resident and viticulturist remarked, “do you know your planting grapes on one of if not the oldest vineyard sites in Westbank!”

For over 19 years Roberto has been producing the highest quality grapes, first supplying other award winning wineries, and now using his own grapes working with renowned wine maker Jim Faulkner to make exceptional and unique Italian style wines. Bringing a little bit of Italy to the Okanagan! 
 What a joy it is to have three generations of the Fiume famiglia, all excited to welcome you into their winery and into their famiglia!

Award Winning Wines!

2014 Pinot Nero - BEST Pinot Noir in BC, Okanagan Spring Wine Festival,
                                         Silver Medal National Wine Align 
                                         Silver Medal All Canadian Wine Awards

2014 Pinot Rose' Silver Medal Fall Wine Festival 2015
                                        Silver Medal National Wine Align